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Top 10 Quick Tips on How to Save Petrol

Posted on June 5, 2012
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As prices of Fuel in the UK continue to rise and hitting an all time high of £1.20 a litre during the last few months. This is estimated to continue getting more expensive and could even reach £1.50 by the end of the year some experts are saying. So what can we do about it.

Here is 10 quick ways you can reduce the cost of how much petrol you use:

  1. Drive more economically. Sounds obvious right, but with all those stresses most of us face trying to get into work or get home too quick, we tend to put our foot down on the gas too often. It won’t actually make too much of a difference to the time you get from a-b. Yes you might save yourself a few minutes but it will have also cost you more and this all adds up.
  2. Leave earlier to go to work or see if you can change your working hours to be more flexible so that you aren’t always driving in rush hour. Not only fast driving empties the tank, but so does this stop start driving and sitting in traffic.
  3. Find alternate methods of transport. Is driving to work the only travel option for you. Can you walk or cycle. If you can get the train or bus, will it work out cheaper than owning and running a car. Do you actually need a car. Not only may it work out cheaper, it will most likely work out healthier as you’ll have to work to the bus stop/station or cycle.
  4. Find your cheapest petrol station. Prices vary from 1 station to the next. There is a great site to help you find the cheapest, just enter your postcode or location and see what results come back. Check out PetrolPrices.com. Bare in mind you don’t want to have to drive too far just to get the cheapest fuel as it could cost you getting there.
  5. Share the journey with a colleague. Do you have someone who lives near that you work with. Can you share the journeys to work.
  6. Empty the boot. Are you carrying the set of golf clubs or gardening tools that don’t necessarily have to be in their all the time. Every bit of extra weight will use more fuel. Clean out the clutter too.
  7. Make sure your tires are filled up properly. Check the guidelines from your car manufactures handbook to see what tyre pressure they should be. Low pressure tire results in decreased fuel efficiency. Check your tyres regularly.
  8. Make sure your wheels are balanced correctly. If your wheels are out of balance, this will cause more wear on the tyres and will consume more fuel as the tyres will be inefficient.
  9. Don’t use the Air-con if you don’t need to. Using the air conditioning will consume slightly more fuel as it requires more energy from the engine.
  10. Use online Shopping more often. This will save you on fuel as you won’t have to trek over to the supermarket with the family once a week or more often just to top up on the groceries. Yes most online shopping charge for delivery, but there are often codes online to save this. If you can get this delivered during off peak times, then you will pay cheaper on the delivery as well. Not only will you save buying online but you will also not have to pack and unpack the shopping several times. Additionally you will tend to not buy stuff you didn’t intend to buy.

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