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Save Money on your Mobile Phone

Posted on June 5, 2012
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Are you looking to change your mobile phone tariff, perhaps your current contract is approaching renewal and you are looking to compare the latest deals available. If so read our handy guide so you can get the most out of your mobile.

Free phone?
As the cost of your monthly tariff increases the cost of the phone supplied with the contract decreases. Usually for the top of the range phones such as iPhone 4’s you will need to take a contract of over £42 to get the phone for free. If you do not believe you require the minutes and texts supplied with a higher tariff do not sign up for one just to get the free phone! Some quick calculations show that it works out much cheaper to choose a smaller tariff and pay up front for the phone rather than taking a long 24 month contract with excess texts and minutes you won’t use.

SIM Only Deals
If you already have a phone then consider a SIM only contract which can often result in a cheaper tariff!
One Month Rolling Contracts
SIM only deals are often available as a one month rolling contract, the short contract means you have total flexibility when it comes to moving networks or changing tariffs if your phone usage happens to increase.

Data Bundles?
If you are looking to use the internet on your phone on a regular basis take a look at the data bundles that are available! Each network has a range of offers from 250mb to unlimited data transfer for an additional cost to your contract. You may not need this if you have access to a service such as BT Openzone through your home internet provider.

Network Benefits
You should take a look beyond the minutes and texts to see what benefits are available from the network providers. If you regularly visit the cinema or Pizza Express then you may find you save money by being an Orange customer!

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