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Group Buying Websites – Any Good?

Posted on June 5, 2012
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Thanks to the boom in popularity of group buying websites chances are you are one of the many that receives a daily deal for their local city sent straight into their inbox every morning from the likes of Groupon, Living Social and KGB Deals! Group buying deals are considered a revolutionary way forward for online shopping in the local area and can be a great way to save money on beauty treatments, meals and fun days out such as paintballing and specialist cookery lessons.

Recently, perhaps due to the fast growth of such websites and the huge popularity of some deals with huge discounts the group buying websites have come under some criticism! Many people have missed out on their deals often due to no fault of their own because the business has no capacity! If this has given you doubts about purchasing a deal voucher don’t worry, follow these simple points to ensure you don’t lose out on your deal!
All of the deals have expiry dates so always read the fine print before purchasing the deal and ensure you will be able to use the deal you have paid for before the expiry date occurs. Some deals may only be claimed during certain time periods throughout the day or specific days of the week, be aware of this.
Your deal voucher will activate soon after the deal closes, as you and perhaps several hundred other people are all looking to book the deal and only have a short window for it you should do so as soon as possible to avoid missing out!

Group buying websites are quickly moving towards deals other than local offers and these include holidays and actual goods at discounted rates such as mobile phone contracts, educational training courses, vouchers for online stores (such as £10 for a £20 spend at Amazon) and magazine subscriptions. When purchasing one of these deals take into account any order limits and extra charges such as postage and don’t forget to compare prices elsewhere to ensure you really are getting the best deal!

If you are planning on having a group get together why not take advantage of group buying websites in order to save money? Divide your party into groups, each purchasing the same deal, however ensure you read the terms and conditions to see if there is a maximum party size! Some group buying websites, for instance, Groupon supply you with a referral code which means every time you recommend a deal to someone and they go onto purchase it you will be given bonus cash to spend on the site, usually up to £6 which can quickly add up!

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