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Summer Holidays on a Budget

Posted on July 25, 2012
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We all love to get away from it all somewhere where we can just relax and take it easy and maybe catch a bit of much needed sun. But holidays are becoming more and more expensive and often taking your whole family away for a couple of weeks can really break the bank. Here are just a few ways to try and help bring down the costs of your next holiday so you don’t have to worry about the financial strain while you’re trying to unwind on the beach.

When there is a holiday cancellation, the previous price of that holiday is dramatically reduced. There are plenty of websites on the internet that offer cheap cancellation holidays to all sorts of places from within the UK to Europe and beyond. And you will find that it’s not just the major airports that find themselves with extra seats on the plane and it’s not always at the peak of the holiday season. You could get a great deal all year round if you keep a look-out of the best deals online where holiday websites are constantly updating.

Late deals

Late deals are best known for their tendency to be the cheapest option when booking a holiday. Although these can tend to be a bit risky if you have your heart set on somewhere in particular as there may not be a deal suited to you and you have then left it to the last minute and find yourself without a holiday but if you’re just looking for a bit of a break or a family holiday and you don’t really mind where you go, then a late deal is a perfect way to save money. Booking just a few weeks in advance prior to your flight, it means you don’t have to wait around counting down the months until you go away. A great website to find some good deals is lastminute.com.

Promotion codes

As with most things nowadays, you will be able to find promotion codes that save you money on all aspects of your holiday from flights to accommodation to dining. There are also many travel agencies that will give you a code to get you money off your booking fees. There are also a number of voucher code websites that enable you to get holidays at a cut price if you use the code when booking and what’s more, you can even save some cash on airport parking, activities to do when you’re on your holiday and even car hire, all things where your money would otherwise have added up to a lot more than you might think.

Budget packages

Often you will come across travel agencies offering package deals to the destination you wish to travel to. These packages are guaranteed to save you a bit of expense as long as you are able to be a little flexible with your preferences. Maybe you are used to going on self-catering holidays and enjoy the freedom of eating out and being able to make food in your own apartment. But you could very easily save money, possibly a couple of hundred pounds, by switching to an all-inclusive package deal. And perhaps you usually like to stay in a popular town but you could save yourself some money by booking an apartment in the next town over, the quieter overlooked town. These kinds of budget packages are ideal for those who could do with saving that extra bit of cash.

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