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Declutter and make money

Posted on June 25, 2012
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We all talk a lot about cutting our outgoings in order to save money but how about trying to increase our incoming money? It’s not easy on a long term basis but once every few months you can quickly give your house a spring clean, sell everything that you no longer want, need or use and have a few extra pounds and some extra storage space in your home.


Here are some household items we probably all have too much of and could easily sell:


As many upgrade their phones and gadgets to the latest models lots of us have old mobile phones, laptops, mp3 players and tablet pcs lying around the home that will simply never be used again so why keep them? These are one of the easiest items to get rid of even if they are broken, you can either sell them direct to a gadget recycling company by using one of the many websites, sell on eBay or even use it to trade in and get a discount against a new product. Even the old mobiles can go for £20 or so, one from each family member can soon add up!


If you have a drawer full of clothes that you haven’t worn for a few years or clothes that don’t fit because you have changed shape then why not sell them? Designer labels will always sell well and other clothes can go for a few pounds either on ebay or even join in at a car boot sale. Kids clothing is especially popular, especially for younger children when many clothes are only worn a few times for a matter of months before they are outgrown.


With the increase of  mp3 players we all tend to have tracks for our favourite artists in a digital format and have a stack of CDs on a shelf that aren’t getting used. These can be sold on eBay, car boot sales and increasingly specialist websites that, much like the buy mobile phone websites simply buy your old CDs and DVDs to recycle or resell.


Whether it is a PC game or games console game there are many games that once you have completed there are just no fun to do all over again and they will sit gathering dust on your shelves indefinitely. Games can be sold in many ways, popular marketplaces are usually the first choice for many so eBay or the Amazon marketplace should be considered but keep in mind the fees and compare the prices similar used games are going for. Another popular option for gamers is to take their old games to the likes of Game and Blockbuster in return for vouchers, store credit or cash, this can often be less than the market value of the game so be careful and consider the options wisely!


Books, especially text books if you are a student have a bustling second hand marketplace due to the sheer expense these books cost when new. As they are usually big and heavy online selling is often pointless due to the high shipping costs so why not post a notice on your university message boards or even a Facebook group where students from the year below will find it.

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