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Creative Ways to Save Money

Posted on August 9, 2012
Written by Admin

The country is in a recession, money is tight and there seems to be barely enough at the end of the month left to put away as savings. So how can we all save ourselves a bit of cash? Trying to save money in your own bank account is never the best idea as it comes with the temptation of spending it because it’s there. But there are many other, much more creative ways to save money which will encourage the whole family to put something away for a rainy day.

Car boot/garage sales

There are always local places near you that have car boot sale weekends where you can pack up the car with all your unwanted “junk” and sell it. The clutter in your house; that old bike nobody uses, those shoes you’ve never worn and those ornaments that you’ve never taken out of the box will most often be of interest to someone. So not only do you get to have a clear-out but you can also make a decent amount of money for things that would have otherwise just been thrown away.

Leave savings jars around the house

A simple but effective idea; buy a couple of cheap jars and, if you have children, perhaps have them decorate them which will encourage them to throw any spare pennies into them, and then leave them in various rooms around the house. Then, instead of throwing old coppers out or having them building up in your purse, you can stick them into the jar when you walk past it in the living room or the bedroom. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they fill up and even more surprised at how much you can actually make from your loose change.

Use coupons and vouchers at supermarkets

The big supermarkets are always giving out money-off vouchers when you shop there. Whether it’s £1 off your next £30 shop or half price beans, it all adds up. Make sure you keep your vouchers in a part of your wallet or purse when you go to do a big shop and you will see how much of a difference that couple of pound off here and there will make to the overall cost of what your shopping would normally be. Another important tip when doing grocery shopping: never shop on an empty stomach! When you’re hungry, you will always pick up items that you don’t need to which will of course, cost you more.

Walk, don’t drive

Do you drive your kids to school every day? Drive to the shops? Even though both are only just around the corner? Why not walk instead? Driving is easy and convenient, especially when you’re in a rush to get somewhere, like when you’re dropping kids off at school or picking up some bits from the local shop. But why not dedicate a couple of days throughout the week when you walk instead of just jumping in the car and not only will you save money on petrol but it’s also great exercise for the whole family.


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