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A New Domain and a New Focus

Posted on November 27, 2013
Written by Admin

Visitors might have noticed that this website has not been updated much over the last few weeks, the reason for this is that we are in the process of closing down this site and launching a new website. Promotioncodes.org.uk has saved thousands of people money on their online shopping but over the last few months we have noticed that more and more discount websites have started to appear which makes it harder for us to negotiate exclusive discount codes and deals with websites and the increase in competition has made it rather hard to run this website in a way which is economically viable for us.

We therefore have decided to launch Promotioncodes.org.uk on a new domain and with a new focus market which we think is interesting for our visitors. How do you know what we find interesting? We hear you say.. Well we can see how visitors arrive on this website and which search terms they use and we found that a lot of visitors are looking for betting, bingo, casino and poker promo codes and bonus codes so that will be the new market on which we will be focussing.

A new focus on one specific market enables us to negotiate better deals with online gaming websites and provide you with great signup bonus offers, free bets, free spins on roulette wheels and much more!

So what will happen next? Today we bought a domain for the new website which is www.promobonus.co.uk and we are currently busy building the new website and getting text written for it and we expect to launch the new website mid-december 2013. When the website has been launched and we are confident that everything works 100% we will redirect promotioncodes.org.uk to www.promobonus.co.uk where you will then find hundreds of great online gaming promotions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our visitors for the great feedback which we have received over the last years.

- Promotioncodes.org.uk -



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